Living the Curious Life is a destination for the curious, the stylish and the enthusiastic. It’s an avenue to discover, find creativity, inspiration and tips to those who want to stir up their life, appetite and adventure.


Welcome to my Life!

Hello, I’m LOVE and I am a Filipino based freelance stylist and blogger, specializing in interior, products and food.

I started this blog for fun, because it’s a destination for me to show the world how I see things behind the lens of my everyday life—from design to details, to travels and food.

I am always curious so I tend to always be on the lookout for little sparks of inspiration and creativity. Everything begins with something visual, and it is found in the rooms we live in, the places we visit, the food we create and devour, to how we style and dress. It starts by noticing that one image or intricate detail, to appetite, be curious, and stir up an adventure. It could be derived from a distinct color or pattern, finish of a material, or a simple arrangement of accessories that draws us in to document it.

Through this blog, I’ll share each moment of my life, my adventures, my restaurant discoveries, and my random ramblings of what makes me happy.

So stay awhile, enjoy reading, and being curious with me!