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How to’s: Blank Slate to Two Styled Spaces

When I was younger, we relocated to a different home after a few years to be closer to our school or my parent’s workplace. And I would be so amazed at how my mom would fix everything we had despite the change of floor area, sizes of rooms and colors of walls. She made it work. When I took up my degree in school and settled on a career, I always knew it would be in the form of styling homes, products and food.

When I get asked how I’m able to picture how everything comes together, the best answer I can give is through experience. I think years of working in the magazine, reading what works, asking tips from designers who I admire, looking through tons of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest has helped me decide quickly if it’ll work in the space.

Allow me to give an example by offering an insight on how to dress a space that will look good, functional and express the design style of the client, by using the work I did with SM Home.

First, I was given a brief of that my clients are a newlywed-couple who love travelling and photography and modern Scandinavian design.

Next, I chose to design the Living Room and Kitchen with the color scheme from Boysen.

For the living room, I wanted to feel relaxing, inviting and modern. I made an angled orientation of the three-seater sofa to go against the green Forest Ranger wall paint and combined it with a marble coffee table, cement side table and lounge chair.

I chose gray pieces since that’s the base color that the client likes and I layered different rugs together to tie the space in one cohesive look.

I decorated using different throw pillow prints and random accessories photos they brought home from their travels. I added plants and flowers to give the space a nature look.

Living room #BeHere colors, Mauve of Root Crop and Gypsy Train, Green of Forest Ranger, Yellowstone Park, neutrals of Marble Chalk and Night Watch.

For the kitchen, I wanted it to be bright, colorful and happy. I placed the colors I was given from Boysen and used it to paint a pattern the couple liked during their travels.

This gave a new look to a plain colored wall which brought out the kitchen accessories on the shelves. For the furniture pieces, I chose a four-seater dining table, but kept the two chairs stacked to give more space to walk around.

I added a layered shelf and movable island for additional storage. Still keeping with gray as the base color for the client, I also added pinks, blues and greens into the mix.

I added a layered shelf and movable island for additional storage. 

Still keeping with gray as the base color for the client, I also added pinks, blues and greens into the mix.

Whether you have a new or existing space, but don’t know what to do first, here’s a quick and easy guide on what you should consider and steps to tackle to achieve the look you want.

Step 1: Find Inspiration

Collate a Pinterest board and gather your favorite looks, furniture pieces, color and material finishes.

Step 2: Find Similarities

Write down what you are drawn to from colors, finishes and textures to help you in designing and styling your space. Are you into minimal or modern look, wood elements versus marble, bright or dark colors.

Step 3: Think about your Lifestyle

Note down the activities that usually happen in that space, do you entertain a lot, watch movies or read a lot? This will help when choosing the big pieces and how it will be used.

Step 4: Make an Inventory and Wish List

Write down the items in your home that you could keep, sell or give to make space for the new items you plan to purchase. Also create a wish list of the items you’ve been eyeing at the store that you’ve been wanting to have.

Step 5: Create a Floor Plan

Take measurements of your space by drawing it on a piece of paper or using an app like Planner 5D to make a scaled floor plan with furniture pieces to get an idea of space flow. My rule is to leave 0.45m to 0.60m space between sofas and tables and 0.90m for high traffic areas.

Step 6: Make a Budget Plan

Now that you have finalized what will fit in the space and the items you want to buy, it’s time to put it together on an excel file with how much you are willing to spend for each item while keeping a total expense budget in mind.

Step 7: Choose a Color Scheme

When choosing a color scheme, make sure to consider how it will look with your furniture pieces and fabrics, and the mood you want to achieve. Paint your chosen colors on the wall and study how it appears with natural light and ceiling lights.

Step 8: Source and Look for the Items

This is where the fun begins, going around shops to look and take note the items you like while considering the size that would fit in your space. Take pictures of the item, tag and the amount so you can compare when you get home. But I suggest spending on the big investment pieces first. You don’t necessarily have to buy everything all at once. I find that when I go around different stores, or even go back after a few months, I always find something new.

Step 9: Style with Accessories

Purchase accessories after you see all your big pieces together. When choosing accessories, add textures with the use of soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, throw pillows, throws, candles, and consider decorating the walls, coffee table with trays, vases, and frames to create a homey look. And don’t forget you can find keepsakes while travelling or even go online to find statement pieces that are not in the market.

Special thank you to Tom Castaneda for the opportunity. It was an early call time but I really had so fun styling, laughing as we pass each other carrying new products with us, and running around the whole floor seeing what SM offers. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Until the next one!

All furniture pieces and accessories can be purchased at SM Home in SM Makati. Visit all 5 booths on the 5th floor of SM Makati until April 2, 2018.

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