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How to’s: 6 Cost friendly home accessories to elevate your desk

Whenever I shop for my house, I don’t always go for the expensive items. As much as possible I stick to things that will look interesting that is within my style and color scheme.

I’ve summed up 6 key pieces I’ve placed on my desk that cost less than P1,500.

1.The statement bath mats

I never in million years thought of putting bath mats on my wall or on my table for that matter. But it works! I saw this nice printed mat (P1,200) from H&M that would look much better on my collaged wall than the floor.

2.The old magazines and postcards

I constantly like changing the look of my room, so I don’t end up damaging my wall with screws and nails, I use blu-tac to attach magazines, sketches and postcards that I like.

3.The sale items

Have you ever gone into a shop and really wanted something but it wasn’t within your budget? This always happens to me. My solution to this is to know when the ‘sales’ are at my favorite stores. I score so many nice pieces (like the clear cup for P150) whenever this happens, and sometimes I check different branches to see what they carry.

4.The affordable accessories

I make it a point to find unique pieces in thrift stores. I bought my brown bottle and plates that range from P25-P200.

5.The leftover tile

Since I style a lot for my projects I tend to have a lot of leftover tiles that I have used to present to clients. Instead of it going to waste, I use it as a nice surface for my coffee mug.

6.The pretty hard cover books

I’ve made time this year to read more, so I’m always on the lookout for books that are informative and have a nice cover that matches my style. What I have now is the Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore and Design Anthology collection. Next on my buying list are Kinfolk and Cereal.

Styling and Photography by Love Ocampo

Photo Editing by Gayle Ocampo

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