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How to’s: How to Pursue Your Passion Project and Start Your Own Business

I’ve written about how to be productive, tips on how to be happy with your work and life, and blogging tips I’ve learned since I’ve started. But this time I wanted to share my own experiences of how working for someone else first, prepared me to build my own brand. Nothing is ever simple, and when you decide to pursue what you love, it is only the beginning of a long journey to success. And the solution to being successful is by being focused and strategic. Now, I have just started my own business but so far what I’ve written below has worked for me. You would find that you might have a better way at attacking your own business. It’s all about trial and error.


Collaboration Works

When you’re a start-up company, it doesn’t hurt to collaborate, or work with fellow creatives or brands to jump start your passion projects. This path is actually beneficial to your business since you can learn from people who have made it in the industry. Think of it as a foundation where you can pursue your own dream, and end up helping someone build theirs in the process. When I started this blog, I approached a business (that I really love) if I could feature them. I presented the look I was after and they really liked it. I never expected what would happen next. And since then I’ve done several projects with them (and continue to do so). It’s all about opportunities, and if the brand likes how you work, then it could be a long-term collaboration for the both of you.

Invest on New Skills

Working for someone else taught me a lot, like how to send proposals, creating vision boards, planning for pull outs and shoots, and negotiating costs with clients. When you handle your own business, it won’t always be as fun and easy like thinking of creative ideas; it’s more than that, like thinking of logistics, marketing, making invoices, meeting deadlines, and being practical on expenses. Believe me, I’ve picked up a lot of tips by attending workshops, talking to people and asking them how they did it.

Have a Work Schedule

I’ve touched on this topic several times. But I find that this is the core to getting your work done on time, and without it, you might miss something out. Make sure you dedicate time to work on your passion projects; it could be from emailing proposals, or scheduling to post blog content ahead of time.

Know your Target Customer

This is vital for your business if you want it to grow. You have to figure out what your customer wants, how will it benefit them, and how will you be able to achieve that. If you don’t find these out, then your business might not do so well.

Market Your Business

One way to get your business out there (and internationally) is by using social media. It’s an avenue for you to share and launch your business, interacting with your clients and build an audience.

Be Patient

All great things take time to evolve. Your business will be a process of trial and errors, triumphs and failures, and constantly improving yourself and your brand, and having your customers in mind. Always remember to enjoy every single moment, no matter what happens.

This year, I am excited to launch my passion projects that are already in the works. Watch out for what they are by following my Instagram accounts, @_loveocampo and @livingthecuriouslife.

This blog post was shot at Harver Hill. Study Table from Perch Furnishings.

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