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How to’s: Ways to Productively Work from Home

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More and more people have ditched the desk job and have ventured into their own business. And, if you’re a freelancer or blogger like me, you’re most probably working from home. This has so many perks written all over it, but it is vital you set boundaries and rules between your home and work life, or else you may never get anything done. Here are ways to help set you up for a productive day and avoid you from staying in bed or glued in front of a TV.

Sleep Early – Studies say that you need at least 8 hours of sleep. By getting enough rest, it prevents you from staying in bed and start feeling lazy. You also gain more energy and are able to focus on what needs to be done that day.

Get dressed – If you think that working in your pajamas is a good idea, let me tell you it won’t. I feel it’s better to change and apply a bit of make-up; it’s something you would do if you were actually heading to work. Check your emails, comments and messages once you’re dressed.

Eat First – Make sure to start your day by eating breakfast. This will fuel you while you work. My go-to breakfast is boiled egg on toast with coffee.

Organize your time – Set specific work hours and organize the things you have to do during that time.

Find a workplace  Have a designated place in your house to work. Preferably it’s an area where you won’t easily be disturbed. I’ve written a full story here on what you need to make a productive workspace.

Create a To-Do List  I personally like writing down my tasks in a notebook. There’s something about crossing them out after that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something that day. But if you’re more techy, I suggest have a notepad on your desktop or phone. So I don’t feel overwhelmed, I divide my list into categories (blogging, projects, and errands), and always prioritize the most important task and get it out of the way. Remember that it’s okay even if you don’t get everything done, you can always check off your list tomorrow.

Schedule Breaks – Don’t spend the whole time glued to your chair, make time to get up, walk around, play with your pet or check your Instagram/Facebook. Scheduling regular breaks will guarantee and boost your productivity. And if you feel that you’re tired of being in the same spot or need a change of scenery, grab your laptop and drive to a coffee shop.

Do you have other ways to make working from home more productive? If you do, please share and comment below.

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