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Curious List: My Photo Editing Apps

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I feel it’s really important to have a consistent look in your photos. You should never upload a raw photo but take time to improve it. And if you’re not the type to edit on Photoshop, then here are some of the phone apps I use on a daily basis.

Instagram – My favorite social media app! It has amazing filters, I use the Ludwig filter to give my picture a pale look. Then I continue to edit the saturation, contrast, brightness, warmth, highlight, shadow and sharpen of my photos.

VSCO – This is my favorite editing app since it’s easy to manipulate the look of the photo. I prefer that my pictures appear white, so I lessen the saturation and increase the contrast. You can also use this to take photos instead of using your phone’s camera. It has basic functions for beginners and manual features like shutter speed, ISO, exposure, focus and white balance.

Snapseed – This is another filter app that I recommend to make your pictures stand out since it allows you to do selective edit on certain areas of your photo.

Photo Grid – I don’t usually post photo collages but when I need to, this is what I use since it has a lot of layouts to choose from.

Do you know of other useful editing apps? Let me know by commenting below.

Photographed and Styled by Love Ocampo

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